Friday, March 9, 2012

Change of Plans

Already I've had to make a change to my long-term plans.  Turns out I can't do the Uwharrie 40 miler in 2013.  My brother went and scheduled his wedding that same day (congrats, little bro!) 

So, I did the next logical thing.  I signed up for the Crooked Road 24 Hour run that is two and a half months earlier.  Makes perfect sense, right?

I'll probably ruminate more on this later.  I've been interested in some local ultramarathons, but am not sure if I want to invest the time (taking time away from family, climbing, hiking, etc) to train for an ultra.  I figure this will be a good way to test the waters without the pressures of an aggressive cut-off time.

All that said, my guess is things will play out like this:

1.  I'll enjoy it a bit, but hate it at the end and swear never to do one again.
2.  Not be able to walk for three days afterwards
3.  Forget everything after a week and look for another ultramarathon to train for.

Pretty smart, huh?  A wise man once said "Know thyself."  Thyself is a dumbass.

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