Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running of the Bulls 8k - New PR strategy

This race report has been significantly delayed due to filing my intellectual property in a related area - namely, how to run a PR without fail.  Now that my IP's protected, I can reveal my approach to the masses:  run a distance you've never run before.  If you can't do that, just suck a little less with each passing year.

Nothing exciting about this report.  Met my cousin and his wife at the start line.  June 1 was a warm morning, so I started off easy.  I was targeting 40 minutes, and was surprised to see I ran a 7:40 pace for the first two miles with what felt like little effort.  Then, the sun and asphalt conspired against me and I finished in 40:52.  Meh.  But, there was beer and the end and food trucks, so it will be a repeat.

That's my 2nd PR of the year, to add to the Philosopher's Way 15k, I hope to add the Croatan 24 Hour run in November.  It would be nice to have four in 2013, so if either of you that read my blog hears of an 11k or 4.4 miler, let me know.

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