Monday, July 9, 2012

Update from the Inner Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell

Six days in a row of 100+ degree heat, and nine total already this year.  Awesome.  I've been annoying the hell out of my wife, sending her 7-day forecasts for Portland, Oregon; Stanley, Idaho and Cork, Ireland (our old stomping grounds).  Lots of highs of 60s and 70s in the hopper, in case you're wondering. 

The view from Turkey Creek Trail, July 8

In between my pissing, moaning and general grumpiness, I have been pretty good at getting up early to get some miles in.  I logged 73 in June despite an 11 day work/climb trip to Europe, and have 32 in the bag so far in July.  The last two long runs - a 15 miler July 1 and a 7 miler on the 8th (took it easy due to a tender foot) were absolutely miserable.  If I ever become nostalgic for runs in this weather, I'll just slather myself in molasses, shroud myself in an electric blanket, and have at the trails.  I'll bring along a friend to shoot me with a BB gun to simulate the horse flies.

Is it October yet?


  1. Whiner! Suck it a "warrior"

    1. Apparently you missed the "weak" part. The heat turns me into a sissy